India: Street Style

Last time I visited India was back in 2010 – We were there for like a week or so but didn’t really do much travelling around for that reason. It was a short visit.

This time round mum, sister, niece and I were lucky enough to plan a 2 weeks stay there. It’s a bit challenging to work around school and work schedules!

The itinerary was to fly from Manchester to Delhi and travel back down to the village where we would be staying, Porbandar,  at the back end of the trip in Gujarat. It’s where we have family, it’s also the home of Mahatma Gandhi.



The flight with Emirates was an afternoon one, we got to Dubai early morning local time & arrived in Delhi early morning which was great as we had the day to explore. There was a whole lot of film watching and music listening going on on the flight; including Justin Bieber‘s Believe film – It’s an interesting watch. Do it!

Most of that week entailed sleeping in the car on night journeys as we had a lot of land to cover! It feels like we have been away for a few months or something crazy, probably as we did and experienced so much in a little amount of time. I think my mojo is still on holiday in India some place..ha!

Going to India, no matter how many times I visit, is a culture shock at first. In a good way though – I love the contrast. Everything is SO very different over there. I loved it. I also loved the fact it was between 35 and 40 degrees heat the whole two weeks we were there after I got use to it! I’m a summer baby 😉

Inbetween napping in the car and jumping out at food stops and shopping, I jumped out to get photos where possible.

We did a few things around Delhi on Day 1 of the trip, including visiting India Gate. The gate commemorates the 70,000 Indian soldiers who lost their lives fighting for the British Army during the World War I. The memorial bears the names of more than 13,516 British and Indian soldiers killed in the Northwestern Frontier in the Afghan war of 1919. (Source)

By night we hit the street markets, by night I was shattered! I let mum and sister do the shopping whilst niece and I headed to the car…grumpy old me, ha!

Everything is so cheap with the currency conversion, I mean, I got 3 sets of earrings for around 500 Rupees (conversion rate was 98 rupees to the UK pound, so around £5.00 for earrings, they’re around £5 for a pair at places like Topshop / H&M etc)

india_travel_photography_priti_shikotra1 india_travel_photography_priti_shikotra2 india_travel_photography_priti_shikotra3 india_travel_photography_priti_shikotra4 india_travel_photography_priti_shikotra5

To be continued…

P x

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