India: The Golden Temple, Taj Mahal & Jaigarh Fort

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6 hour drive later, we arrived in Amritsar in Punjab. I’d wanted to see The Golden Temple for a while, it was incredible to see it right there in front of me. It felt pretty surreal. The holiest text of Sikhism, the Guru Granth Sahib is always present inside of the Gurdwara (temple). Over 100,000 people visit the temple on a daily basis. It’s amazing to see the staff maintain the grounds.

india_travel_photography_priti_shikotra7 india_travel_photography_priti_shikotra8

We spent a few hours here in Amritsar and soon after left to head to Agra. India, when travelling by land is huge! It was an overnight drive to Agra, we headed on over to see Taj Mahal. It was incredible to see Taj Mahal again. Last time we visited, I was a couple of years old. I have photos but never recalled the trip. I was blown away by the architecture and the surroundings when we got there. The Taj is built from pure marble. Boy were my feet super hot walking on there – They felt like they were burning!

Entrance to the Taj Mahal was 700 rupees (around £7 GBP).


This was Day 3 of the trip. We spent a few hours around the Taj and then it was time to hit the road again and head to Jaipur.

Jaipur is the capital of Rajasthan in North India. Population of the city is around 3.1 million and Jaipur is well known as the Pink City of India.

Whilst in Jaipur, we went up Jaigarh Fort. The views from this fort were absolutely incredible. It felt like we was playing a game of Unchartered! I ended up on a camel ride here – it was so fun! It cost like 100 rupees (£1 GBP or there a bouts)


View from Jaigarh Fort
View from Jaigarh Fort
View from Jaigarh Fort

They were playing instruments and running a string puppet show at the fort



We soon left Jaipur to head to Udaipur. This was a further 8 hour trip in the car. We got there by night & crashed at a hotel. It was a lovely place & still relatively cheap. There was 4 of us and we booked 2 rooms for the night, it cost around 3500 rupees (around £35 GBP) – there was other options available but these rooms were pretty big and had air con in there & ensuite bathroom.

We took a trip to Mount Abu from Udaipur, this was around 3 hours from Udaipur. There was a bunch of mountain monkeys hanging out and of course we had to feed them biscuits! We went right up to the top of the mountain (around 4000ft) and took a horse ride to a spot where we could see the sunset. I shot some portraits of locals here at Mount Abu, I’m saving that for a separate post, so check back! Here I found a bit of heaven. The quirkiest little cafe on the mountain that was so peaceful and relaxing… Cafe Shikibo. The owner’s done a great job of the cafe, location is perfect but interiors and the whole vibe was just wonderful & the service was brilliant.

Mountains, monkeys, cafe, bob marley music. Tell me that isn’t paradise…


From Mount Abu we embarked on a 12 hour drive back to Gujarat and to the village where we stayed for the rest of the week, Porbandar. We did a bunch of day trips including Gir National Park. We went on a Safari trip and spotted a lioness in the wild…Boo for not having the telephoto lens with me!



Spot the cat….

A week on and my brain is still in India…talk about making me super lazy – Boo!

I’ll be sharing some portraits from Mount Abu soon.

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