Shooting Portraits: India #1

Throughout this week I’m going to share a portrait a day with you all from my time in India.

I had been wanting to shoot some portraits in India for a while. I’ve visited many times but never really travelled around & certainly it’s the first time I’ve been back with my camera and lenses in tow.

I love shooting portraits. People’s facial features get me curious.. eyes, mouth, nose, down to the creases on their face. It’s a bit of an obsession. India is full of beautiful culture and it’s just a whole different world out there. I love it.

This was taken at the back end of the trip, we were headed back to Ahmedabad to get our flight back to Manchester & we were stopping off at a few places en-route. We visited a temple, and he was sat outside. It was a beautiful day, around 40 degrees Celsius & the temple was super busy, more so as the local schools were on vacations so families were out on day trips / holidays.


P x 

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