Shooting Portraits: India #4

I’ve been sharing a portrait a day this past week. You can check out #1 here #2 here and #3 here

This next shot was captured again at Mount Abu (I know I’ve said it so many times already, but damn I fell in love with the place) Her friend wasn’t keen on allowing me to get a photo, she was more than happy for me to grab a photo of her and her son. I just totally love the traditional clothes and jewellery she had on. As you move from Punjab down across towards Gujarat, you notice the difference in even clothing and designs along with the type of products you can buy in each area, they all have different things to offer. From carved items for sale down to varied prints on the materials you can buy which can later be sewn into clothes.

I love the bangles on her arm on this photo. It’s called ‘rabari chuta’ – It’s a tradition which entails wearing them once women have wedded.



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