A map of the world

It was my birthday back in July and it was spent kicking back not doing a lot. I always tend to plan things for my birthday in advance, but this year, na-da, nothing. It was pretty cool to just pamper and spend time with family and friends. I WAS a bit gutted though, we were meant to check out a place called V Revolution here in Manchester. it’s a vegan junk food type place. Yes vegan, and junk food all in one sentence. It was closed :(! Wagamamas did us just fine though. Mmmmm NOODLES!

A girl friend of mine got me a map of the world. Not just any though. You scratch off the places you have visited. It’s SOOOO cool! It’s called, yeah you guessed it, Scratch Map!

I haven’t got round to placing it on the wall yet – I gotta make some space for it, but I love it. I love that there’s a huge map right in front of me and I’m gonna scratch off the places I’ve visited. But the issue is that I get really competitive (yeah, even with myself) and I’ll wanna scratch off the whole map. Sorry, I mean I’ll wanna travel around the world. As if I don’t already! People call me a free spirit….

Errr anyone wanna fund my round the world trip? I just need to go the other way this time.

Which takes me to goals and hitting them. Ever noticed how when you write things down, they actually get done? or at least 9 times out of 10? Maybe subconsciously you’re telling yourself off & by writing them down on something concrete and physical, you make it happen.

I went into 2014 with 4 big goals, mostly work orientated, a few personal ones too. I’ve hit 2 of the work ones, and also a personal one so far. I wonder whether the back end of this year will see me smashing those goals too?

Try it out people – If you wanna get shit done – WRITE IT DOWN ON A PEICE OF PAPER! It works! You can thank me later 😉


smart goals

P x



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