Live: Black Veil Brides – Apollo, Manchester

Sunday night I felt like I wanted to be in the pit raving up with the crowd that were anticipating BVB to hit the stage. I caught Drama Club and Atilla prior to Black Veil Brides hitting the stage. I hadn’t checked out the support acts music before so it’s always great to discover new music whilst out shooting.

Totally loved shooting this show. I’m a fan of all different genre’s of music, always have been.

The lighting was epic, but I’m sharing a black and white set of the shots since I just love the way they look. Maybe I’ll share some colour versions in the next few weeks. So if you’re a BVB fan, check back.

priti_shikotra_black_veil_brides_manchester_apollo_music_photographer_manchester_london2 priti_shikotra_black_veil_brides_manchester_apollo_music_photographer_manchester_london3 priti_shikotra_black_veil_brides_manchester_apollo_music_photographer_manchester_london4 priti_shikotra_black_veil_brides_manchester_apollo_music_photographer_manchester_london5 priti_shikotra_black_veil_brides_manchester_apollo_music_photographer_manchester_london6 priti_shikotra_black_veil_brides_manchester_apollo_music_photographer_manchester_london7 priti_shikotra_black_veil_brides_manchester_apollo_music_photographer_manchester_london8 priti_shikotra_black_veil_brides_manchester_apollo_music_photographer_manchester_london9 priti_shikotra_black_veil_brides_manchester_apollo_music_photographer_manchester_london11 priti_shikotra_black_veil_brides_manchester_apollo_music_photographer_manchester_london12 priti_shikotra_black_veil_brides_manchester_apollo_music_photographer_manchester_london13 priti_shikotra_black_veil_brides_manchester_apollo_music_photographer_manchester_london14 priti_shikotra_black_veil_brides_manchester_apollo_music_photographer_manchester_london20

Shot for Local Wolves Magazine

P x

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