5k Runner App & How it’s working out

I’d been wanting to start running for quite a while. I’ve started and stopped many times before. I’ve tried the gym, but I get so bored. I tried a treadmill, that also makes me feel like I’m getting nowhere. It’s like running on the spot!

I found it a bit boring after a week or two each time I tried. So I dropped it.

2 years ago, I was the biggest I have been in a very long time, more importantly, I FELT crap for it. The problem with this is, is that it effects different areas of your life. If you’re feeling pretty pants in your personal life, it really effects you mentally with work life too and whatever else – I use to be so much more confident than what I turned into. I’m still working on it day by day to get that back! It knocks your confidence in what people may think are the smallest of things. Personally, if I don’t feel so good on the inside, I wanna comfort eat and sit around having a pity party. Ain’t got no time for that have we…But I did for quite a while.

I had pretty messed up knees, very weak. Ain’t a good thing, I’m too young for this! So I started a work out DVD, it was Jillian Michaels 30 Day Shred. Maaaan! It killed me! It was so intense when I first started out, I could not keep up with it. It’s like a serial bootcamp dvd, with intense cardio and strength training. The great thing about it i found, was that it was motivating, the way it was delivered. Jillian really kicks your butt.  Also, just as you’re about to keel over dying, they switch up the workout to strength and vice versa. It really worked out my lower body & helped strengthen my knees up in a big way and I got using muscles I never knew existed!

I did this dvd 2/3 times. It’s a 30 day program and there are 3 levels. Each level lasts 7/10 days depending on how you get on with keeping up with it – But also you can just work at your own pace. Second time round, I could keep up with it. I loved the challenge of it even though it was really intense. Check it out if you’re looking out for a program that keeps you on your toes! It’s really cheap to buy too on Amazon.

A few weeks back I saw on my iPhone App store a 5k Runner App (developed by Clear Sky Apps) . I checked out the reviews and figured it’s really cheap, I may aswell purchase it and give it a shot. The worse thing that could happen is I never use it.

So I kickstarted my running with this App. Let me tell you, it’s awesome & so far, it’s one of the best things I’ve ever done.

I’ve never been a runner in my life! In fact, back in school, I hated P.E all together. I was always the last kid running or walking back when it came to running specifically ! (So embarrassing)

The 5k Runner App is designed essentially as a 8 week program which gets you from your couch to running 5k, you run 3 days out of 5 and all you need is 30 minutes of your day. In all honesty, when I saw it, I thought ‘as if’. Not because the app was rubbish, but because I’d never been able to run before and stick to it.

I eat my words and take it back – Absolutely anything is possible when you put your mind to it.

The first week was challenging cause I couldn’t even run for like a minute straight. I’m being deadly serious too. I was all over the show, I mean, the DVD had helped get my fitness levels up ALOT but damn the breathing and the timing, I kept getting stitches to the side of me and a dizzy head so there was a bit of adjusting to do. I changed up a few things including times of eating and figuring out what time of day would best suit me to do my run, it’s good to introduce a structure to times and days to keep it routine, it’s easy to slip out of it if you don’t have a set structure, I guess like all goals!

The app itself is really well thought out & is very motivational in it self.

Over the 8 weeks, each session switches between running and walking to build up your endurance, and so come week 6/7, you’re running for like 15 minutes for example, without even realising. It’s like having your own personal trainer as the app lets you know when to switch between run and walk. You can play your music via the app too, I personally use my iPhone & it runs my run playlist from the iPod app straight through.



Over the weeks, you build up ‘Win‘ badges – I love this as I’m pretty competitive and so it’s nice to see an incentive for your achievement! You can share them to social media or email should you wish to – I think it’s great especially if you have friends doing the run so you can check in with each other and encourage each other that way too.


Along with that, you get a break down of your work outs and progress you have made over the weeks. Here’s a snippet of mine from Week 1 to Week 6 day 3. I’m about to start week 7 – I genuinely can’t believe I can run for this long. I found week 6 really challenging and so I had to re-do some days to make sure I can keep up with it before moving on to the next day. I’ve been pretty careful as I don’t want any injuries either – so have been pacing myself. Steady does it!

IMG_2928 IMG_2929

And although it’s a pretty small touch, I love that there’s a bit of inspiration in there..


If any of you guys and girlies are thinking to take up running – I totally recommend this App.

It’s amazing how a healthy mind transfers over and effects other areas of life.

I’m already planning to download the 10k app once I have completed this, and who knows, maybe next year I will get to sign up to a run and raise some money for charity whilst running 🙂

You can do anything you put your mind to!

P x


3 thoughts on “5k Runner App & How it’s working out

  1. Like this lady i never exercised or ran for that matter!!! So at the start of Aug after having lost almost 3 stone and been at a stand still i decided i needed to do something ! So downloaded the app, and off to the shed I went where we have a min gym set up …. so like this lady i thought yes right i will never be able to run !! Well low and behold i did my 5K a few weeks ago and I am now on my way to 10K in fact as i right this i am building myself up to going out to do Week 11 Day 2 , its tough , I cannot honestly say I Love it, but I am getting a buzz from the fact that I can now run, and I really thought I couldn’t do it !!! So if I can do it .. anyone can ..just hope i can see it through to the end of the 10K app 🙂

    1. Great work! I’m hoping to also go through with the 10k app – I started week 7 day 1 of the 5k today. Very challenging – 20/25 seconds out darn! Try again on Tuesday. Good luck & well done on your progress 🙂

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