Live: Ed Sheeran – Manchester Arena 27.10.14

It was awesome to be able to shoot Ed Sheeran at the Manchester date. He was in town doing two dates on his current tour, I managed to get accredited for the first night.

Ed’s show was a full house, the view was STUNNING of the crowd from the pit. But I couldn’t grab a quick shot of the crowd- Damnit!

As per the usual rules, it’s shooting from the pit first 3 songs no flash, the opener track was ‘I’m A Mess’ from X followed by ‘Lego House’ & then ‘Sing’.

I loved just how it was him, his mic, guitar and loop pedal. I also love the fact he started from nothing and has gone on to so much success. It’s so inspiring. He went on to tell the crowd that a few years back he played a gig in Manchester, to an audience of 2 people.

How things can change. Go Ed!

Here’s a couple of frames from the show

priti_shikotra_ed_sheeran_manchester_arena1 priti_shikotra_ed_sheeran_manchester_arena2  priti_shikotra_ed_sheeran_manchester_arena4 priti_shikotra_ed_sheeran_manchester_arena5 priti_shikotra_ed_sheeran_manchester_arena6 priti_shikotra_ed_sheeran_manchester_arena7  priti_shikotra_ed_sheeran_manchester_arena9

P x

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