Live: Nothing More – Manchester Academy 19.11.14

I’ve been lucky enough to shoot some amazing artists & bands this year. It’s been great & satisfying. This music photography thing…. don’t let anyone tell you it’s easy. It’s very challenging. It’s always great to shoot a band or artist that your a fan of their music, I’ve found if you don’t really connect with the music, you kinda leave the gig without frames your happy with. 9 times out of 10, you leave with atlas one frame your happy with that you can add to you folio of work.

I was down to shoot The Pretty Reckless last minute, and was stoked to have been told about Nothing More a couple days before. Checked out their music & was digging it, and so I headed down to the venue earlier to check them out live. I’m glad I did. These guys put on such a show, they were first opener for The Pretty Reckless. I haven’t seen anything like it in a while.

Their most recent track is Mr MTV. Check it out below

Here’s some frames from their set. I’ll be sharing The Pretty Reckless frames later this week. So if you’re a fan, check back.

priti_shikotra_manchester_academy_nothing_more_1 priti_shikotra_manchester_academy_nothing_more_2 priti_shikotra_manchester_academy_nothing_more_3 priti_shikotra_manchester_academy_nothing_more_4 priti_shikotra_manchester_academy_nothing_more_5 priti_shikotra_manchester_academy_nothing_more_6 priti_shikotra_manchester_academy_nothing_more_7 priti_shikotra_manchester_academy_nothing_more_8 priti_shikotra_manchester_academy_nothing_more_9 priti_shikotra_manchester_academy_nothing_more_10 priti_shikotra_manchester_academy_nothing_more_11


P x

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