2015 so far & a Three of Wands card

It’s only 9 days into the new year & already I’m getting impatient with a few things!

You know when you have this fire on the inside and the urge to just smash some big goals but at the same time, the goals you have in mind are going to take a while to smash because of the process’s behind them… Yeah that!

The great thing about these goals though is that I’ve been steadily building upon them, the platform is there for them, it’s a matter of working my ass off to get to the next step.

Controlling you’re destiny is bloody hard work people!!! but so worth it, even with the ups and downs. There’s so many of them. Some aren’t very logical are they ? And the lack of control.

I had a chat with a friend of mine earlier today, over brunch. (it tasted amazing by the way, vegetarian breakfast, delicious) It was great to reflect on what’s been going on and how far we have come. We nailed it down to one thing. It doesn’t matter how big your goals are or when you start.

Just start!!

I had someone do a free tarot card read for me last night. It was at that point of the day where you just sit staring at a screen & nothing makes sense.

She pulled the Three of Wands card. Upright. It’s the one shown below. I’m a big believer of picking up on energies and auras and that kinda thing, gut instinct etc. Tarot card reading is based alot on picking up these energies and drawing the cards as you feel something. Yeah it sounds bizarre but it’s true! Tarot cards are great for self reflection, they tend to make you ask the questions you already are asking yourself and to think out loud and action them. I guess it’s a mixture of a few different things.


It’s pretty awesome this card got drawn, it’s so on point with where i’m at.

The Three of Wands indicates that your plans are now well underway and you are starting to consider even more opportunities to expand your current plans and maximise on the potential of your future. Everything is progressing steadily and as expected, thanks to your solid planning and ongoing motivation to persist. 

The Three of Wands indicates opportunities to expand your horizons, through study, travel, business enterprise and learning. You need to become more aware of the opportunities that exist for you right now as there may be more than you are aware of. To best see and take advantage of them you must concentrate, cooperate and remain open-minded. You may be more aware that your best opportunities lie outside of your current environment, so it is time to think BIG. Consider what you can do to open doors for yourself and create more development and self-exploration opportunities. It also signifies the changes and challenges that are up ahead and that are associated with expanding your horizons and entering new territories. Given the man in this card can see far ahead of himself, then you are likely to already be aware of the upcoming changes and challenges and can prepare for them ahead of time. 

Similarly, this card is also about embracing change and adopting a longer-term view. It indicates you are in a position of strength as you control what happens around you. Thus, this is a card of vision and foresight and looking for greater possibilities. You are being encouraged to become a visionary and to dream beyond your current limitations. Now is the time to accept your vision and be confident that you will achieve it. Move fearlessly into new areas. 

Given the expanse of the water in the card, the Three of Wands often depicts travel. This card encourages you to think big in terms of where you want to travel to and what you will discover along the way. This card sees you travelling over water to a far-away country, where you will then have the opportunity to fully develop yourself and learn many new things. I see this as a wonderful card of opportunity that encourages you to be bold and take this leap of faith to truly develop who you are.

(Source here)

I went into 2015 feeling really positive, I’m looking forward to seeing what this year holds. I’m ready for some big changes and saying YES to bigger and better opportunities. 2015 is all about building on the foundations I have laid over the last couple of years and really throwing myself into it more so.

I hope your 2015 is going well so far & that your goals and dreams come true & you have started towards them. It’s the smallest of steps that bring you to the bigger opportunities that the ‘you’ inside of you is seeking.

And if you are on your way, keep going 😉

P x


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