Live: The Vamps – Manchester Arena 25.04.15

It was second time shooting these guys. Last time it was at Apollo in Manchester. We had super restricted access as it was a seated show. This time round though, it was heaps better. There was no photo pit but there was a VIP type area with a limited number of fans in there, and the stage layout out was different, with a section coming out into the crowd. It made for some neat crowd shots within the first 3 songs.

Sorry, not sorry, these guys are awesome live \m/

Some frames from the show…

the_vamps_priti_shikotra_manchester_london_music_photographer1 the_vamps_priti_shikotra_manchester_london_music_photographer2 the_vamps_priti_shikotra_manchester_london_music_photographer3 the_vamps_priti_shikotra_manchester_london_music_photographer4 the_vamps_priti_shikotra_manchester_london_music_photographer5 the_vamps_priti_shikotra_manchester_london_music_photographer6 the_vamps_priti_shikotra_manchester_london_music_photographer7 the_vamps_priti_shikotra_manchester_london_music_photographer8 the_vamps_priti_shikotra_manchester_london_music_photographer9 the_vamps_priti_shikotra_manchester_london_music_photographer10 the_vamps_priti_shikotra_manchester_london_music_photographer11 the_vamps_priti_shikotra_manchester_london_music_photographer12 the_vamps_priti_shikotra_manchester_london_music_photographer13

P x

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