Hiking on Fox Glacier, South Island, New Zealand

One of the things I really wanted to do whilst out in NZ was take a hike on Fox Glacier. The other thing was, a helicopter ride. The best thing ever? Doing both things as part of one experience.

Fox Glacier is over on the South Island in NZ. Having spent the first part of the trip up in the North Island, we took a road trip from Auckland down to Wellington, I caught a flight from Welly over to Queenstown on the South Island and headed down to Wanaka and then Fox Glacier later that week.

The bad thing about booking on to one of these things is that it’s all weather dependent, plus I was there as it was heading into Autumn. When I did a skydive over here in the UK, the slot got put back due to the winds and weather on the day. I gave myself an extra day over at Fox, incase the weather was bad. I could stay and try again on the Saturday I figured. Thankfully, I got there on the Thursday and it was raining so hard all evening and night, by the time Friday morning arrived, it was super clear skies and turns out, the clearest weather it had been in a while. My prayers paid off!

It’s a pretty dangerous hike, people have died over on the glacier. Thankfully, our guide Bia was amazing and got us back all in one piece! Although I did fall and thought I would die. Haha, there’s always one right? Turns out she worked out in the Antarctic a few years back. Crazy!

The helicopter ride was mind blowing from the base right through to the top of the glacier and the hike itself was something I won’t forget in a hurry. The views were INCREDIBLE and you felt so isolated. We had a lovely group of people & the whole experience was just out of this world. And then some. Have you ever tried walking on solid ice?! You know how a camel stands up with it’s front legs at a funny angle? It felt like that, but you were walking DOWN ice. The spikes (crampons) attached to the bottoms of the shoes which aided the walking on ice. You think you have sussed out how to master them, and then you trek down hill and you’re like…oh f*ck, what was I thinking when I booked this tour?!  My feet hurt for a few days after this trek, but it was worth it all!

If you’re after a bit of a different experience and want something that makes you feel alive, you MUST check out this tour. This specific one was ran by Fox Guides, head on over to their site to check out what they offer.

I thought I would get some sweet photos on my camera, unfortunately,  I was trying my best to not die so the phone had to do, haha.

Some photos….






IMG_3832 IMG_3839 IMG_3841 IMG_3842 IMG_3845 IMG_3773 IMG_3793 IMG_3874 IMG_3865 IMG_3855

P x


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