Foals – Manchester Arena 13.02.16

The first time I came across Foals music was back in Australia. I was doing a night shift in Dingo and the best thing about working the nights, was the place would be empty and the music videos started back to back from 11pm through to like 4am. Best thing ever.

Anyways, saw these guys live at Warehouse Project, 2012 I reckon. Then last year I shot them at the NME stage at Leeds Festival. They always have a vibe about them and I just love Yannis going in to the crowd. It was immense to capture that at the arena as sometimes, this kinda stuff doesn’t happen when a band gets to the arena stage.

Accreditation was super last minute, you can check out what happened over on my Youtube channel, linked below!

Some frames from the night.

Yannis – Foals
Joining the crowd










You are my bad habit

P x

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