Shooting Portraits with Sukh

I was approached by solo artist Sukh last month whilst I was still in New Zealand regarding booking in for a photoshoot. He had a clear vision of what he wanted as an end result from the session, so we went into the studio & experimented with a lot of different colour and methods to come to these images.

I’ve had this as a vision in my head for a while & have been experimenting with colour in shoots and so it was awesome to actually shoot them with a client & see them come to life.

The images were post processed in Adobe Lightroom and Adobe Photoshop along with some plugins to bring out the colours, but the actual visuals were created using projections  during the shoot itself. Although digital has it’s place in terms of editing and post production, it’s still awesome to create these types of shots in a controlled environment instead of simply manipulating them digitally using layers for example.

We also shot a bunch of clean press shots prior to this session which I’ll go ahead and share in a separate post, but here’s a few images we left with that was really fun to create in the studio.

Note: These aren’t the official shots which will be implemented in his marketing material for press / artwork however I really love these specific 3 shots and wanted to go ahead and share them for  my own creative purpose! 




P x

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