In The Studio with Conductor: Scott Wilson

Whilst I was still back in New Zealand in March, I had an enquiry come through from Scott. He had come across the site and loved the black and white imagery he had seen. He was in the process of going through a rebrand for his new site plus marketing material. Big things coming up in 2017 for him.

Turns out he’s from Australia and currently resides in London. He has done so for a quite while. Quite a trade off – Australia to London! Oh what we do for our careers….

We had a lot to talk about upon meeting. Mostly travel stories and our love for music.

Scott was keen to have a studio session so we worked out of New Road Collective’s Studio. It’s a brilliant space based in Tottenham, London. Check it out if you’re in the need of some studio space. Awesome guys who run the place too. Plus you might get some free eggs from next door if you’re lucky! 😉

It was awesome to shoot something a little different to what I’m normally use to and in a controlled lighting environment so we could really play around with lighting.

It was pretty invigorating shooting this session, the art of conducting and being able to capture that was energising, refreshing and more than anything, inspiring.

I feel lucky on shoots to be able to work with such inspiring people, I’ve said it so many times before, and I’ll keep being thankful for this.

I wish Scott all the best in the future with his career and who knows, maybe we will cross paths on other parts of the globe in the near future!

You can find out more about conductor Scott Wilson & see the images from the shots implemented online here.

Here are a few shots from the session I really love.





Scott was kind enough to share some words from the experience…

Priti is a terrific photographer. My session with her was very enjoyable and productive. she puts her subject at ease & has an extremely open and friendly approach. I am very happy with the large number of excellent photos she produced and I will be using them in future marketing. As such, I highly recommend her to anyone who needs professional photographs. Needless to say, she has a particular knowledge and passion for photographing musicians. Both before and after the shoot, she was happy to be in contact with plenty of useful advice. I look forward to future shoots with her.

P x

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