2011 in Photos

The last 12 months have been amazing.  I’m still trying to process just how much I have seen and done in the space of a year. I’ve met so many amazing people along the way and experianced just so much it’s insane. Settling back into UK life is proving difficult! I hope YOUR year went […]

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Big Cat Little Cat

For anyone that may be reading and knows me well, you’ll know I love taking part in activities that make me feel exhilarated. Yet im scared to get on a motorbike (haha). I’ve jumped out of a plane and done a skydive, I have a fear of the ocean and I cant swim to save  […]

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Phang Nga Bay & Koh Panyi

I posted a shot the other day of some monkeys, which was taken outside a buddhist monastery en route to Phang Nga Bay & Koh Panyi. Phang Nga Bay / Koh Ping-gan ( http://www.phuket.com/island/phangnga.htm ) is where parts of James Bond ‘Man with the Golden Gun’ was filmed. The day tour cost around $40 AUD – […]

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Goodbye Australia

7 months on from Australia – it was time to say goodbye! Australia is such a big place and near impossible to cover everywhere, especially if you dont have transport. The highlights of my time there? Melbourne – I finally got to pet a Koala! I have wanted to do this for years on end […]

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From Dingo to Brisbane

After working in Dingo Queensland for 6 months straight, finally the day arrived to leave! Working in Dingo was certainly an experiance, the people I met on the way were amazing and the job itself had pros and cons. Next stop was back to Brisbane, I visited Brissie prior to heading over to Dingo. This […]

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Butterfly Effect

The butterfly effect is a term used in Chaos Theory to describe how tiny variations can affect giant systems, and complex systems, like weather patterns. The term butterfly effect was applied in Chaos Theory to suggest that the wing movements of a butterfly might have significant repercussions on wind strength and movements throughout the weather systems of the world, and theoretically, could cause tornadoes halfway around the […]

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