Model: Nicole

This past Saturday we had a great time on a test shoot. I worked with model Nicole and we had hairstylist Caprice Jones Robinson on board. I’ve worked with Nicole before as a MUA but it’s the first time working with her in front of the lens. It was also my first time working with […]

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Featured // The Harmonic Series + Part 2 African Beauty

A couple of weeks ago the lovely folks at The Harmonic Series got in contact saying they’d picked up some of my work online and wondered whether I could answer a few questions. Be rude not to take the opportunity! This past Monday I was featured over on the website – If you want to […]

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African Beauty

I think one of the things I enjoy the most about photography is that you can go wild. What I mean by this is, you can have an idea and collaborate with creatives that get the concept and just produce an image. It doesn’t have to be for a client. It can just be for […]

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Studio Shoot // Model Ritu Dave

Last week I went into a local photography studio to do a test shoot. I have a real basic lighting set up at home right now but I’m planning to step it up a little. Here’s some shots from the hour long shoot. There’s so much to learn with lighting – It’s all pretty exciting […]

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Model: Ayesha // Cliche Model Management

So I worked with the beautiful Ayesha of Cliche Model Management a week or so ago. We worked two different looks over two days. The first look was very natural and serene. The second look was a little more edgy. Here’s some takes from the shoot. Thank you to everyone that was working on the […]

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Model: Candice // Cliche Model Management

Some shots from the shoot with model Candice for the guys over at Cliche Model Management. Hope you guys had a great christmas P x Advertisements

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Model: Adiana Coly // Cliche Model Management

I delivered a test shoot for the guys over at Cliche Model Management recently. The second shoot was with model Adiana Coly. She was a pleasure to work with and knew how to work it for the camera! I’m looking forward to seeing where these ladies progress to in the new year with the official […]

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