In The Studio with Conductor: Scott Wilson

Whilst I was still back in New Zealand in March, I had an enquiry come through from Scott. He had come across the site and loved the black and white imagery he had seen. He was in the process of going through a rebrand for his new site plus marketing material. Big things coming up […]

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Music Promo Shoot: The Quindells

I loved working on this shoot with Manchester based band, The Quindells. The band have recently reformed under a new name and are back working on new tracks and gigging & required new promo shots. Here’s a personal fave frame of mine from the shoot Check out their track & video for Joyride below You can find […]

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Music Promo Shoot: Rachel Kern

A few weeks back I was commissioned to shoot some new press shots for Rachel. Rachel’s a Manchester based musician – her music is a mix of funk / rock / pop. The day was pretty challenging simply because, well, in true Manchester style, the heavens opened and we had a tonne of rain to […]

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Shooting Portraits: India #5

Over the past week I’ve shared some portraits from my travels to India! You can find #1 here #2 here #3 here and #4 here. #5 – He was waiting in his little cart taking a break. Customers would sit in his cart and he would wheel them to the mountain where you can see […]

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Shooting Portraits: India #4

I’ve been sharing a portrait a day this past week. You can check out #1 here #2 here and #3 here This next shot was captured again at Mount Abu (I know I’ve said it so many times already, but damn I fell in love with the place) Her friend wasn’t keen on allowing me to get […]

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Shooting Portraits: India #3

I’m sharing a portrait a day this week from my recent break in India. Check out portrait 1 here and 2 here I shot this photo at the same location as the first portrait I posted. India is such a colourful place, from the colours of the fruits and veg you see in the markets or the […]

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Shooting Portraits: India #2

I’m sharing a portrait a day this week from my recent break in India. You can see the first portrait here We visited Mount Abu during the first week in India. It’s a popular hill station in Rajasthan region of India near the border with Gujarat. It’s elevated at 4,003 ft. There are temples dotted […]

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